French Women Love Button Shirts

A button shirt is the most common piece that every French women owns. We love them striped or solid and sometimes when the shirt is really classy with a pattern. I have a big crush on stripes and I love love blue. Okay, I’m not in love with every striped shirt, just because I think I look bad on some.

This is the most classy button shirt that I bought for this season. The blue is perfect, I love the stripes. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Button shirts can give a little french style to any casual outfit.

Link for dupe shirt: link for the same shirt in burgendy:

I am wearing it with a dark blue distressed jeans but you can also skip the distressed part and go with a normal one as well.

Link for dupe pants:

These shoes are very trendy for this fall. They are called Mules. They are very, very comfortable. I found them at Ace Hardware! Yes yes, it’s not just a store for garden stuff. They have the most adorable women clothes and accessories. LOL

link for dupe shoes:

Link for dupe earrings:

Merci, for stopping by my blog!

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