Classy casual outfito

I love, love casual outfits! You might think that picking out an adorable outfit takes a lot of time. I have a simple process, if you follow it, I promise that is not too hard.

Here’s my process:

1) First, I always choose the centerpiece of my outfit, then I arrange the other pieces around it. The centerpiece might be a shirt, pants, or some accessory, but it’s usually something with a little FLAIR. I only wear one patterned piece.

French women love accessories, so yep I chose my scarf as the centrepiece for this outfit.

2) Next, I think of the color palette. I purposefully select 3 or less base colors that look good together to make my outfit look great. My scarf in this outfit has a lot of great fall colors, I love it. Below is the basic color pallette for this outfit.

3) I choose other elements that compliment my centerpiece. They are usually simple yet classy so they don’t complete with my centerpiece. I always let my mood be the boss. For this outfit I was totally not ready to dress up. So, for a casual, yet classy look I decide to go with comfy clothes.

For this look, here is the baseline—this simple T-shirt from topshop. It’s the top to have. I will make a blog post soon on the base wardrobe you need to own.

So this white simple top is a boyfriend style and I love it. It gives the feeling to be more cool just because of his sleeves 😂😂.

Link for the top:

4) I choose the other base piece for the outfit. For this one, it’s the jeans. This pair is SO COMFY. You know why? It’s the awesome, stretchy fabric. I also love the dark color, but the thing I love most is that they hug you and give a little extra curvy for your hip. I often feel so uncomfortable in most jeans, but these are a dream. They are like wearing pyjamas!

Link for the jeans:

5) I finish off the outfit with the other accessories. For this outfit, next are the shoes. OH MY GOSH, Heaven Alert! These shoes are so so so comfortable! They are wedges, but they are really discreet. Your silhouette will look way more fine with these—like wearing mini heals. They are so feminine and I think just perfect. They really are “mom” shoes but you can wear them 24h/7 without problem.

Link for the shoes:

The next piece to this outfit is the jacket and I LOVE this one. I need to explain why. Adding a jacket to a casual outfit is so FRENCH and gives you an awesome french style. Adding it to this outfit will make you look super classy. And if you add a scarf, well you are a French girl. I found this one at Tjmaxxxxxxxxxx. For my local friend, there are still a lot, so run run run if you love it.

Oh accessories I love you. I found these earrings on eBay. I love their color and the fabric.

Link for earrings:

Hopefully having a simple process to chosing your outfits will help you put together fantastic combinations. And don’t forget a little French touch! Merci for visiting my blog!

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