Get Out Your Cardigan

Yes yes yes , it’s starting to get cold outside. I can’t wait for the snow. I know I’m crazy, but I am pretty much done with summer. This fall you need a long cardigan. They are very flattering and they add a little classiness to your outfit. I bought this one at Tjmaxx just 2 days ago.

Link for similar cardigan:

This outfit is so classy but at the same time comfy. If you read my recent blog on how I put my outfits together you know that I always choose centerpiece first.

My centerpiece for this outfit is my scarf, again 😬. But it’s fall so scarves are my way to go. I love scarves.

Link matching scarf:

Next, I think of the color palette. I purposefully select 3 or less base colors that look good together to make my outfit look great. My scarf in this outfit has different fall colors, I love it. Above is the basic color pallette for this outfit.

I wanted to be a little dress up, but not too much so I paired this ensemble with jeans. I love jeans, so you will see me a lot in them 😂.

The baseline was this top which is a pure marvel and the French touch in this outfit. Oh wait a minute, the scarf too and probably the shoes. (Come to think of it, this outfit is all pretty Frenchy.) This blouse is a really classic one. I feeling so french in it. We call it a Claudine Collar (Peter Pan here). I think this style is so classy, it’s never out of fashion.

Link similar top:

My jeans are a simple high waist skinny jean. High waist jeans can give you a more thin silhouette. I am just 5′ 2″ so I need some help to look taller🤷‍♀️.

Link for the jeans:

These flat, pointed toe shoes are really a hot style to have this fall.  You can find them almost everywhere. I love this taupe/pink color.

Link for the shoes:

Oh and don’t forget, in my opinion, a really great lipstick color can make you feel more confident. This one’s a really great color!

Link for the lipstick:

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