Weekend Outfit

We are always very very busy on the weekend. So, I really need a practical comfy outfit for those days. It’s still warm here in south Utah, but the wind is giving us some cool air that I appreciate a lot.

We usually have football games every Saturday. So my outfit needs to be easy and not too warm.

For this outfit my centerpiece is the shirt. It’s a striped top. (If you read first blog post you know French girls don’t mix patterns often.) I found this one at H&M and I love it for just $5—yes $5.

Here is my thought about cheap t-shirts. Yes, I like to have basic some high quality classics that will stay in my wardrobe forever, but I also like to buy cheap t-shirts that I only wear 5 to 10 times and that stays in my wardrobe for just for one season. Every season you will discover a new style that you really like, so it’s a waste to spend a ton of money on shirts you will only wear a few times.

Link for the T-shirt: https://tinyurl.com/y7uz46td

So the opposite of my cheap t-shirts are these pants. They will stay in my wardrobe forever. Here is why: they are pants that can be worn during spring, summer, and fall. The color is just perfect. The fabric is so soft. I love the fact it can be very classy or casual. They can even be very dressy, later this year I will create a very “dressed up” outfit and post about it.

Link for pants: https://tinyurl.com/y9trer9o

Go one size down!

Because some evenings this time of year it can be chilly, I needed a jacket. For this outfit I chose a jean jacket. It’s one of those basic pieces that every wardrobe needs, so if you don’t own one, run out and get this one. 🙂 You will be able to match it with a lot of outfits all years around. It’s a little bit fitted and will give you a way more feminine look. This is one piece you should own no matter how old you are—young or old this jacket is fantastic!

Link for the jacket: https://tinyurl.com/y7ttq9dq

Oh my Converse tennis shoes I love you. Yes, these shoes need to be in your closet I promise you. Your closet will be so much happier with a pair and they are so classic, they will never go out of style.

Link for shoes: https://tinyurl.com/y85ekran

This is my French touch to this ensemble. French women love pearls, like Romeo loved Juliet—it’s a true love story. I would wear pearls everyday if I could. These pearls are special, they come from French Polynesia. I love the fact they are absolutely not perfect. They add pure classiness in your outfit.

My husband bought these for me from my dear friend Ravah. She lives here in Southern Utah, but she is from French Polynesia. She grew up in Tahiti and yes she speaks French to me all the time! Her and her family sell the most amazing authentic Tahitian Pearls. They come in many different shades and shapes and sizes. They aren’t cheap, they are the real deal, super high quality that last forever. It’s something you should put on your Christmas wish list!

For more information on her Tahitian Pearls email my friend Ravah for more details: Ravahereamo@hotmail.com.

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