My Outfit All Around These Earrings!

I was shopping last week and I came across these earrings! They stopped me dead in my tracks and I just stood in front of them frozen. They I took a big breath and said to myself, “Those NEED to me mine!” I didn’t even stop to think if I had something to wear them with. Nope, it was just LOVE at first sight.

Only a crazy person could look at them and say that they are not gorgeous. Just look at that color, it’s a perfect fall color. That’s right, fall is NOT just about yellow and orange all the time!

Link for earrings:

So after buying them I had come up with something to wear them with and I realized I had made a very challenging outfit decision—I made the centerpiece of my outfit the earrings. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

So, I decided to keep the base items simple and paired them with these great skinny jeans and found the exact same color t-shirt as the earrings. For footwear, I chose some of my favorite light beige ankle booties.

Link for the T-shirt:

Link for the jeans:

But as you are aware, I am a French woman so that means I needed to add a little French Flair to this outfit!

So, I added a simple long cardigan that is the same color as the shoes. And just by chance I happened to have this wonderful scarf that was a perfect match.

Link dupe booties:

Link for the cardigan:

The point of this story is sometimes you find a piece that you like so much you buy it even if you have nothing to wear it with. My advice, just listen your heart and everything will turn out perfect.

The only thing left for me to find for this outfit was the perfect Lipstick and I found it! This one if from Smith & Cult and the color is called, The Queen is Dead. It’s a great color and it’s only $13 from Saks Fifth Avenue. Finding the perfect lipstick always adds a perfect touch of class to your outfit.

Link for the lipstick:

Merci for stopping by!

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