The Perfect Fall Top!

Oh my gosh guys, I recently found a new online boutique, Janey Laine Co and I’m very excited about it. They have very very cute clothes. I decided to immediately buy one of their blouses and it did not disappoint. The quality was exceptional and it gave me confidence in their products. I will for sure be spending a lot of money on their stuff soon. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

This camel top is definitely my 10 top favorite pieces for this fall. The fabric is so soft, it’s true to size.

Link for the top:

I love love the details on the sleeves. It gives this top a real French flair. It’s delicate and I LOVE the simplicity and class it has. 

I decided to pair it with this fantastic new necklace that I found at Downeast Outfitters. It’s a very trendy accessory right now and I really like how it stands out on this simple top—it’s the perfect match!

Link for the necklace:

For the bottom, I decided to pair it with black cropped skinny jeans. Yes, yes cropped jeans are IN style this fall. They are REALLY fashionable in France too.

Dupe for the jeans:

For footwear, I add these shoes. They are so comfy that I want to wear every single day. LOL

Link for the shoes from China:

If you don’t want to wait 3 weeks, I found a gorgeous version from Nordstrom.

Link for similar shoes from the USA:

This outfit is simple, but French girls have a saying, “Less is better than too much.”

Thanks for checking out this outfit. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to not miss any French fashion tips! Merci.

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