My Massive Crush on Sweater Season!

Yep the cooler weather is totally fine with me! Here in Utah it just turned cooooold. And I am happy, happy, happy! I am done with warm temperatures.

This week is really busy for me, I need to pack to visit my family in France and it’s not getting done 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. I even had trouble finding time to take pictures of my outfits. So today I decided I would make time no matter how huge my todo list was.

This outfit is a fall look that I love! Seriously, it’s fun and screams, “Yay, it’s fall!”

I love the long cardigan with a jacket look and this color is really perfect for fall 🙂

I know not everyone loves fall colors, so if you hate this color, choose one you love in long cardigan. One word of warning, don’t wear a gray shirt with any of these color cardigans: navy, dark brown, or beige. Those colors do not look good together.

Link for dupe cardigan:

I chose to wear this beautiful cardigan with a striped gray button shirt. I love button shirt way to much but remember I am French. 😂😂

Link for similar shirt:

One of my friends today talked to me about how difficult is to find great button shirts when you are blessed in the chest area! So I have one trick for that problem, you will find a ton of different options for button shirts if you look for a “boyfriend” style button shirt, you will have way more room.

And yes, I am once again wearing mom cropped jeans, they are very much in style in Europe. So yep, I’m super French today! These jeans are so cute, check out these other posts for ideas for them here and here.

Link for the jeans:

Now for the real fun, these boots are fantastic, they crossed my path recently in Tjmaxx and they fell in love with me. 🙂 I had a huge battle with them but they won. Seriously, in boots this fall I think these are the number one style to have.

Link similar boots:

Life can be hard when every single time you go somewhere some treasure wants to go home with you. Most of the time I am strong, but sometimes they win.

I hope you are enjoying my blogs. Please subscribe, I’m working on some really fun and useful fashion and color guides that you won’t want to miss!

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