Anxiety SUCKS – Techniques to battle anxiety

You will maybe think I am weird, but for me, any kind of change in life is a big deal. Any time I have big life changes I get anxiety really bad. 😦

I love to think I have my life organized but the last few months were very chaotic. I started to have panic attacks. The weird thing is after each panic attack is over I realize that I was being irrational and a little crazy, but when I’m in the middle of an attack my feelings are very real and I feel like something terrible is going to happen to be in every situation. It’s like my brain is racing or in turbo thinking and analyzing way too much. I swear I think of 10 different outcomes to every situation and they are all bad.

Recently, I had been feeling like I was not in control of my life and that a lot of terrible things were going to happen because of all the changes in my life (and truthfully they were all good changes, but my brain kept thinking of ways every situation could turn for the worst). I think this trait could be valuable for survival if I was a caveman, but it usually just stresses me out.

I love my routine, it makes me feel secure and comfortable.

Looking back over the past 6 months, I think Heavenly Father wanted me to change my routine, but I was not quite ready yet.

When I was feeling anxious, I read a lot of blog articles to see if I could find something that would help me. I was not able to sleep well, I had a little bit of depression, I was frequently in a bad mood, and all of that just because of good news!


I know, crazy right?! At the same time, I was ashamed to not be able to control my fear. So I was trying to hide all the negative feelings I was having. I don’t think this was a good idea because my anxiety just got worse and worse. It got so bad, I started to feel actual pain in my body—headaches, stomach pain, heartbeat problems, and rashes…

So, two months ago, I decided to try and deal with my anxiety. Even though I had decided I was done, I couldn’t just turn it off. Each day was a battle and I knew I needed to come up with a plan of attack. I decided to read as much as I could and I found little tips that I thought might help me.

After some trial and error, I settled on a few simple steps that worked for me. A few months later these steps have saved my sanity in my daily life.

Here are my steps to battling anxiety:

1. Find someone who you trust and talk about everything that gives you anxiety. Try and find someone who doesn’t have a lot of anxiety and who is a rational thinker. (It’s best if you explain that you are having anxiety and you just need someone to talk things through with, not necessarily someone to fix your anxiety.)

I decided to talk to my best friend, my husband, about the things that were giving me such anxiety and physical problems.

2. Talk through why these things make you having anxiety.

3. Analyze if you have control over these things or not. If you have control over it, discuss with your friend things you can do and make a plan to be able to fix what is making you have anxiety.

If you have no control over it, you are screwed!  😂😂😂


For me, I discovered that when I am able to mentally decide that my anxiety is coming from situations or life events that I just don’t have control over, I am able to let things go a little, I’m able to mentally turn the control over to God. This helps decrease my stress a lot.

After following these 3 steps I am usually way better. I also have a notebook where I write down things that give me anxiety. This allows me to record it and mentally tell myself I can think about it later and I don’t need to continually stress about it.

Relieving the physical stresses put on my body can be really difficult, anxiety makes me way more tired. Here what’s helping my body after an anxiety crisis:

⁃ Exercise

⁃ Massaging my hands and feet

⁃ Applying some essential oils, lavender, wild orange

I recently found out that taking out any processed sugar and gluten in my diet are making a huge difference.

I wrote this blog to maybe help others who struggle with anxiety. Life can be difficult and when your brain decides to give you anxiety and stress it can be a nightmare.

I will probably never get totally rid of my anxiety, I will always have to deal with it, but I’m learning ways I can manage it.