This Black Button Shirt is a Win!

So you know already if you read any of my other blog posts, that French women are in love with button shirts. It’s one of our favorite pieces of clothing for semi-casual and more dressed up outfits. This little beauty in black is a shirt you really need to own.

This black shirt is neutral and goes really well with both warm and cool colors. Most people look better in either cool or warm colors. Not many of us can pull off looking great in both. I am more of a warm color person.

Black shirts and especially button shirts can give you a classy touch and they definitely five a little French Flair.

Since you can wear black with either warm colors or cool ones, you should have one in your wardrobe.

Link for the shirt:

I am wearing this beautiful piece with a mom’s cropped jeans 🤦🏼‍♀️ (why did they give it this name?). This style of jeans is really the fall trend, especially in France.

Link for the jeans:

I was not a fan of leopard print when I first moved to the USA, but I have learned to love it. But maybe because I am French, I will probably always have a hard time wearing it on pants or tops. I am not ready yet 😂😂.

I love these shoes, they are so comfy and you can find them in small sizes. Did I mention my feet are really small? This is always a huge problem and I have a hard time finding my size in cute women’s shoes. So I typically search high and low for adorable tiny shoes. These are an awesome find, plus they are super cheap. There is one drawback, they come from China and if you want a pair they take 3 weeks to get them.🤪🤪

Link for the shoes from China:

If you don’t want to wait 3 weeks, I found a gorgeous version from Nordstrom.

Link for similar shoes from the USA:

Mustard yellow can be a hard color to wear. I went with this really comfy sweaters, but if you have a hard time wearing it as a major outfit piece, you can definitely add this color on accessories like scarves or earrings.

Link dupe sweaters:

I love this outfit so much, I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

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My Outfit All Around These Earrings!

I was shopping last week and I came across these earrings! They stopped me dead in my tracks and I just stood in front of them frozen. They I took a big breath and said to myself, “Those NEED to me mine!” I didn’t even stop to think if I had something to wear them with. Nope, it was just LOVE at first sight.

Only a crazy person could look at them and say that they are not gorgeous. Just look at that color, it’s a perfect fall color. That’s right, fall is NOT just about yellow and orange all the time!

Link for earrings:

So after buying them I had come up with something to wear them with and I realized I had made a very challenging outfit decision—I made the centerpiece of my outfit the earrings. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

So, I decided to keep the base items simple and paired them with these great skinny jeans and found the exact same color t-shirt as the earrings. For footwear, I chose some of my favorite light beige ankle booties.

Link for the T-shirt:

Link for the jeans:

But as you are aware, I am a French woman so that means I needed to add a little French Flair to this outfit!

So, I added a simple long cardigan that is the same color as the shoes. And just by chance I happened to have this wonderful scarf that was a perfect match.

Link dupe booties:

Link for the cardigan:

The point of this story is sometimes you find a piece that you like so much you buy it even if you have nothing to wear it with. My advice, just listen your heart and everything will turn out perfect.

The only thing left for me to find for this outfit was the perfect Lipstick and I found it! This one if from Smith & Cult and the color is called, The Queen is Dead. It’s a great color and it’s only $13 from Saks Fifth Avenue. Finding the perfect lipstick always adds a perfect touch of class to your outfit.

Link for the lipstick:

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Weekend Outfit

We are always very very busy on the weekend. So, I really need a practical comfy outfit for those days. It’s still warm here in south Utah, but the wind is giving us some cool air that I appreciate a lot.

We usually have football games every Saturday. So my outfit needs to be easy and not too warm.

For this outfit my centerpiece is the shirt. It’s a striped top. (If you read first blog post you know French girls don’t mix patterns often.) I found this one at H&M and I love it for just $5—yes $5.

Here is my thought about cheap t-shirts. Yes, I like to have basic some high quality classics that will stay in my wardrobe forever, but I also like to buy cheap t-shirts that I only wear 5 to 10 times and that stays in my wardrobe for just for one season. Every season you will discover a new style that you really like, so it’s a waste to spend a ton of money on shirts you will only wear a few times.

Link for the T-shirt:

So the opposite of my cheap t-shirts are these pants. They will stay in my wardrobe forever. Here is why: they are pants that can be worn during spring, summer, and fall. The color is just perfect. The fabric is so soft. I love the fact it can be very classy or casual. They can even be very dressy, later this year I will create a very “dressed up” outfit and post about it.

Link for pants:

Go one size down!

Because some evenings this time of year it can be chilly, I needed a jacket. For this outfit I chose a jean jacket. It’s one of those basic pieces that every wardrobe needs, so if you don’t own one, run out and get this one. 🙂 You will be able to match it with a lot of outfits all years around. It’s a little bit fitted and will give you a way more feminine look. This is one piece you should own no matter how old you are—young or old this jacket is fantastic!

Link for the jacket:

Oh my Converse tennis shoes I love you. Yes, these shoes need to be in your closet I promise you. Your closet will be so much happier with a pair and they are so classic, they will never go out of style.

Link for shoes:

This is my French touch to this ensemble. French women love pearls, like Romeo loved Juliet—it’s a true love story. I would wear pearls everyday if I could. These pearls are special, they come from French Polynesia. I love the fact they are absolutely not perfect. They add pure classiness in your outfit.

My husband bought these for me from my dear friend Ravah. She lives here in Southern Utah, but she is from French Polynesia. She grew up in Tahiti and yes she speaks French to me all the time! Her and her family sell the most amazing authentic Tahitian Pearls. They come in many different shades and shapes and sizes. They aren’t cheap, they are the real deal, super high quality that last forever. It’s something you should put on your Christmas wish list!

For more information on her Tahitian Pearls email my friend Ravah for more details:

Get Out Your Cardigan

Yes yes yes , it’s starting to get cold outside. I can’t wait for the snow. I know I’m crazy, but I am pretty much done with summer. This fall you need a long cardigan. They are very flattering and they add a little classiness to your outfit. I bought this one at Tjmaxx just 2 days ago.

Link for similar cardigan:

This outfit is so classy but at the same time comfy. If you read my recent blog on how I put my outfits together you know that I always choose centerpiece first.

My centerpiece for this outfit is my scarf, again 😬. But it’s fall so scarves are my way to go. I love scarves.

Link matching scarf:

Next, I think of the color palette. I purposefully select 3 or less base colors that look good together to make my outfit look great. My scarf in this outfit has different fall colors, I love it. Above is the basic color pallette for this outfit.

I wanted to be a little dress up, but not too much so I paired this ensemble with jeans. I love jeans, so you will see me a lot in them 😂.

The baseline was this top which is a pure marvel and the French touch in this outfit. Oh wait a minute, the scarf too and probably the shoes. (Come to think of it, this outfit is all pretty Frenchy.) This blouse is a really classic one. I feeling so french in it. We call it a Claudine Collar (Peter Pan here). I think this style is so classy, it’s never out of fashion.

Link similar top:

My jeans are a simple high waist skinny jean. High waist jeans can give you a more thin silhouette. I am just 5′ 2″ so I need some help to look taller🤷‍♀️.

Link for the jeans:

These flat, pointed toe shoes are really a hot style to have this fall.  You can find them almost everywhere. I love this taupe/pink color.

Link for the shoes:

Oh and don’t forget, in my opinion, a really great lipstick color can make you feel more confident. This one’s a really great color!

Link for the lipstick:

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Classy casual outfito

I love, love casual outfits! You might think that picking out an adorable outfit takes a lot of time. I have a simple process, if you follow it, I promise that is not too hard.

Here’s my process:

1) First, I always choose the centerpiece of my outfit, then I arrange the other pieces around it. The centerpiece might be a shirt, pants, or some accessory, but it’s usually something with a little FLAIR. I only wear one patterned piece.

French women love accessories, so yep I chose my scarf as the centrepiece for this outfit.

2) Next, I think of the color palette. I purposefully select 3 or less base colors that look good together to make my outfit look great. My scarf in this outfit has a lot of great fall colors, I love it. Below is the basic color pallette for this outfit.

3) I choose other elements that compliment my centerpiece. They are usually simple yet classy so they don’t complete with my centerpiece. I always let my mood be the boss. For this outfit I was totally not ready to dress up. So, for a casual, yet classy look I decide to go with comfy clothes.

For this look, here is the baseline—this simple T-shirt from topshop. It’s the top to have. I will make a blog post soon on the base wardrobe you need to own.

So this white simple top is a boyfriend style and I love it. It gives the feeling to be more cool just because of his sleeves 😂😂.

Link for the top:

4) I choose the other base piece for the outfit. For this one, it’s the jeans. This pair is SO COMFY. You know why? It’s the awesome, stretchy fabric. I also love the dark color, but the thing I love most is that they hug you and give a little extra curvy for your hip. I often feel so uncomfortable in most jeans, but these are a dream. They are like wearing pyjamas!

Link for the jeans:

5) I finish off the outfit with the other accessories. For this outfit, next are the shoes. OH MY GOSH, Heaven Alert! These shoes are so so so comfortable! They are wedges, but they are really discreet. Your silhouette will look way more fine with these—like wearing mini heals. They are so feminine and I think just perfect. They really are “mom” shoes but you can wear them 24h/7 without problem.

Link for the shoes:

The next piece to this outfit is the jacket and I LOVE this one. I need to explain why. Adding a jacket to a casual outfit is so FRENCH and gives you an awesome french style. Adding it to this outfit will make you look super classy. And if you add a scarf, well you are a French girl. I found this one at Tjmaxxxxxxxxxx. For my local friend, there are still a lot, so run run run if you love it.

Oh accessories I love you. I found these earrings on eBay. I love their color and the fabric.

Link for earrings:

Hopefully having a simple process to chosing your outfits will help you put together fantastic combinations. And don’t forget a little French touch! Merci for visiting my blog!

French Women Love Button Shirts

A button shirt is the most common piece that every French women owns. We love them striped or solid and sometimes when the shirt is really classy with a pattern. I have a big crush on stripes and I love love blue. Okay, I’m not in love with every striped shirt, just because I think I look bad on some.

This is the most classy button shirt that I bought for this season. The blue is perfect, I love the stripes. 😂😂

Button shirts can give a little french style to any casual outfit.

Link for dupe shirt: link for the same shirt in burgendy:

I am wearing it with a dark blue distressed jeans but you can also skip the distressed part and go with a normal one as well.

Link for dupe pants:

These shoes are very trendy for this fall. They are called Mules. They are very, very comfortable. I found them at Ace Hardware! Yes yes, it’s not just a store for garden stuff. They have the most adorable women clothes and accessories. LOL

link for dupe shoes:

Link for dupe earrings:

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Paper Bag Pants Outfit

This outfit is so classy. I adore it! I will probably say this in each blog…🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s very classy and simple. That’s is a really great French style.

Paper bag pants are an awesome piece to have in your wardrobe this fall. Every woman skinny or curvy should have one. These pants are so flattering. I found this one at Tjmaxx last week for only $17, so if you are loving this outfit, RUN to Tjmaxx! I bought a size XS, usually I am a small. I wanted a more fitted look.

The stripes on this pants are very subtle, the color is not that bright, I love the fabric.

Link dupe pants:

Because the pants are already the centrepiece of this outfit it’s better to wear it with a simple top. My top is sold out but I have your back and I found a dupe.

Link for the top:

Oh oh, oh, you know that I love shoes way too much, I grabbed these babies at Tjmaxx last week and they are just pure heaven, so so so comfy.

Link dupe booties:

Link for the lipstick:

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Sunday Fall Outfit 1

It is true, I LOVE fall color. When the end of August comes I always want to wear those beautiful warm colors.

It’s not always easy to find a perfect dress. Not to tight, not too transparent, modest and really comfortable. It’s a big bonus when the dress is a piece of art.

I found this one at born baltic clothing. I was a little bit worried at first about the fabric not being high quality, but I was really pleased to discover that I had nothing to fear. It is very high quality.

I highly recommend this dress , it’s true to size .

Link for the dress :

I love, love shoes way too much! It’s a bad thing? Maybe not!

I want to share with you these so comfortable and very feminine booties. I fell in love with them at Tjmaxx. The color is perfect to match with a lot of outfits. Their fabric and details are just pure magic. But by luckily they are still available online!

Link for the boots:

These earrings are a good addition to this outfit, it adds a little spice to it. Unfortunately, these earrings are sold out, but I found some that are a similar look.

Link for dupe earrings:

Oh yes, I love Lipsense, I know they seem expensive, but they last forever. I decided to try it because I was tired of reapplying my lipstick and I didn’t liked the feeling of having sticky lips all the time. They produce a really quality product.

Link for the lipstick:

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Fall Outfit French Style 1

A scarf will always add a touch of French spice to your outfit. French women LOVE SCARVES!


This fall, must have accessory are these shoes! They are very trendy in France. I love mine to death. Link for similar shoes :

Oh guys how I can even explain, this jacket is one to have in your basic wardrobe. You can wear this at any age. It gives a Little Rocker look to any outfit. French girls love to were it with simple outfit. I will make a blog soon on the essential basic items you need. This is definitely on the list!

Dupe for the jacket :

I don’t we’re enough blazers but this fall they are popular in Europe and in USA. This piece is a win. I am wearing a jersey blazer.

One of the most basic French Fashion Tips is French girls NEVER mix two patterns and we love solids. If you wear a pattern, mix it with solids! We love love accessories, they are the spices in our outfits.

Dupe for the laofers :

Dupe for the jacket :

Dupe for the Top :

Dupe for the jeans:

Dupe for the blazer :