This Turtleneck is the Stylish Top this Fall and Winter. Yes

Whenever I think of the word turtleneck, I cringe. I remember those horrible sweaters from my childhood. You know the ones. They were wool and super itchy. I wanted to scratch my skin so hard I thought I might start bleeding.

But today I found the holy grail of all turtleneck tops. This one is so so soft, comfy, and not too warm. The length of the sleeves also makes it possible to wear with jackets or cardigans.

Link for the top:

I am wearing this top with a straight mom’s jeans. Yep, they are very fashionable this year—especially in Europe.

Link for the jeans:


This blazer is one piece you really need to wear this fall/winter. I love the color, the length is what is making it very popular right now. You can wear it with pants, jeans, or even a dress. This blazer is the centerpiece of this outfit because of the pattern. So as I’ve talked about before, since the blazer is a patter, French girls try to keep the other pieces simple. This black turtleneck is perfect compliment to the blazer.

Link for the blazer:

If you don’t like that blazer, I have your back. I found this one in France but last week when I was hunting, I mean shopping, I found out that you can buy this almost exact beauty at Tjmaxx.

Link for dupe jacket:

I love these loafers SO much. I want to wear them every single day. They add the perfect French touch that I like. And because I am a mom I need really comfy shoes to run everywhere.

Dupe for the laofers :

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This Black Button Shirt is a Win!

So you know already if you read any of my other blog posts, that French women are in love with button shirts. It’s one of our favorite pieces of clothing for semi-casual and more dressed up outfits. This little beauty in black is a shirt you really need to own.

This black shirt is neutral and goes really well with both warm and cool colors. Most people look better in either cool or warm colors. Not many of us can pull off looking great in both. I am more of a warm color person.

Black shirts and especially button shirts can give you a classy touch and they definitely five a little French Flair.

Since you can wear black with either warm colors or cool ones, you should have one in your wardrobe.

Link for the shirt:

I am wearing this beautiful piece with a mom’s cropped jeans 🤦🏼‍♀️ (why did they give it this name?). This style of jeans is really the fall trend, especially in France.

Link for the jeans:

I was not a fan of leopard print when I first moved to the USA, but I have learned to love it. But maybe because I am French, I will probably always have a hard time wearing it on pants or tops. I am not ready yet 😂😂.

I love these shoes, they are so comfy and you can find them in small sizes. Did I mention my feet are really small? This is always a huge problem and I have a hard time finding my size in cute women’s shoes. So I typically search high and low for adorable tiny shoes. These are an awesome find, plus they are super cheap. There is one drawback, they come from China and if you want a pair they take 3 weeks to get them.🤪🤪

Link for the shoes from China:

If you don’t want to wait 3 weeks, I found a gorgeous version from Nordstrom.

Link for similar shoes from the USA:

Mustard yellow can be a hard color to wear. I went with this really comfy sweaters, but if you have a hard time wearing it as a major outfit piece, you can definitely add this color on accessories like scarves or earrings.

Link dupe sweaters:

I love this outfit so much, I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

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